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Who are we?

Hi, I'm DJAPE. :) That's my pen name. My real name is Predrag Stanojević, and I've been publishing puzzles online, in newspapers, magazines and in books since 2005. For example, my Samurai Sudoku puzzles appear every Sunday in The Washington Post since January 2006!

I've lived around the world. Born in Belgrade, Serbia - went to high school in Pennsylvania, USA - worked in Sydney, Australia - traveled South America - now moving to Lisboa, Portugal - and visited around 50 countries on all continents.

Let me brag a little - I hold a PhD degree in Computer Science. I've published several papers on combinatorial optimization and metaheuristics, applied to problems from operations research. However, I don't work in academia. Actually, right now, I only publish books. And I enjoy doing it!

I have many hobbies - dancing tango, sailing, running half marathons, horseback riding, scuba diving, playing bridge (the card game), doing yoga and sports in general. And a new one is Astronomy. I enjoy learning new stuff.

So... welcome to my website! Hope you'll find something interesting here! There is another, more personal website at


Sincerely yours,

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