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Outside Sudoku and its variants: You Really Should Try this Type of Sudoku

After two new book reviews from Amazon that I posted, here I’m posting all reviews of one of the books that should catch your attention: Outside Sudoku and its variants. This book is special because it contains a variety of a variety. 🙂 Outside Sudoku puzzles have essentially the same rules as classic Sudoku, but the clues are put outside the box, so you have to fill in all 81 cells. Further, in this book you will find these variations: outside jigsaw sudoku, outside consecutive suduko, outside non-consecutive soduku, outside hyper sudoku (windoku), outside odd/even sudoku and outside diagonal sudoku X. I also think this is a great book; the only problem with it is the ugly looking book cover. 🙂 Sorry folks, I designed the cover, and funny as it might sound, I am terrible when it comes to graphic design. If you can ignore the psychedelic colors on the cover, you should definitely own a copy of this book!

Paradigm shift!

5/5 stars How very unsettling – I had to reorganise my brain cells to attempt this new variant. But after much practice, it has turned out to be great fun! I’m glad I persisted. As always, great quality paper and clear instructions.

You Really Should Try this Type of Sudoku

5/5 stars I had already purchased and enjoyed DJAPE’s “Very twisted Sudoku”, so I thought I would try this book, even though I had no idea what OUTSIDE SUDOKU would be. At first I used a pencil and erased a lot and then gradually got through almost every puzzle. I found this a refreshing variant from standard Sudoku and I can hardly wait for a second edition. If you enjoy a challenge, then you will love this book.

Hard to Master but still trying

5/5 stars I have purchased many copies of this book because I love the outside sudoku concept but have yet to master as much as I would like. Since I like to work with fresh pages, I prefer to purchase a new copy about every 1 to 2 months. If you are very logic minded and really want to push those boundaries some this book is a great one for that. I have Parkinsons Disease and I’m in my 60’s. Working one of these puzzles without peeking in the back, lets me know I’m keeping my brain actively functioning! This is part of my “brain training homework” so necessary for so many.

New twist on old puzzle

3/5 stars This book has new twists and variants on an old puzzle. They will make you think for a while, I like the new variants to keep sudoku fresh, but at the end of the day, it is still sudoku, which is getting to be boring and played out.

A great puzzle book, as usual from DJApe

5/5 stars I have been a regular buyer of DJApe’s sudoku puzzle books. I love his books because the puzzles start out with medium difficulty and progress to really difficult. I find most other sudoku puzzle books too easy/boring. But DJApe’s puzzle books never disappoint.
Outside Sudoku and variants

Flower  Sudoku and Outside  Sudoku

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  1. rachel
    Posted January 16, 2012 at 4:37 pm | Permalink

    I can’t wait for a second edition. I have done many puzzle books even before sudoku was a craze. This is by far one of the best books I did.

  2. Posted February 16, 2012 at 11:32 pm | Permalink

    Two more reviews of this sudoku book have been posted:

    LOVE this book! Can’t wait for the next one!

    5/5 Stars

    I’ve been doing the variant sudoku puzzles for years. I too became bored with the basic square and needed more of a challenge. Having done DJape’s Very Twisted Jigsaw books I fell in love with jigsaw puzzles until the outside puzzle. It was discouraging at first then I wanted more and was thrilled to see a whole book of not only all outside puzzles, but the combination of all the variants. It’s the ultimate challenge, outside variants! Just when your brain figures out one, the next variant challenges your brain differently. I highly recommend this book for all of you that like the variants and want the extra challenge. When will the next one come out? Meanwhile I will be purchasing this book again! Love, love this book!


    great book!

    5/5 Stars
    Great book!! One of the best puzzle books I ever did. I can’t wait until the second edition comes out.

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