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New Outside Sudoku Book + Free Puzzle

Hi folks, I’m in a bit of a rush (as always), so I’m going to keep this one very short. Just wanted to say – it’s still not too late to shop for Christmas gifts! Anyhow… A new book with more than 400 Outside Sudoku puzzles is fresh off the press! Contents: Outside Sudoku Book […]
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Free puzzle: Non-Consecutive Killer Samurai Sudoku + a new book

Last time I posted a free puzzle on this website was… I don’t know when. It’s one of the things that I intend to do more in the future – posting new puzzles at least once a week, just like back in the good old times. Before I show you the new puzzle, I’d first […]
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Clueless LOCO Sudoku

Here is a new puzzle I think you’ll like. It’s another LOCO Sudoku puzzle, however, it is not in Samurai format, but for the first time, it is in Clueless Sudoku format instead. Before you try solving this puzzle, please become familiar with the Clueless Sudoku puzzles and with the Loco Sudoku puzzles, too. Just […]
Clueless Sudoku book

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New Overlapping Sudoku – Gattai 8

Hey, it’s been a while since my last post… September is the month which marks an anniversary of this website, so I’m gonna start posting more often and possibly, on some non-puzzle related topics. Not sure yet, but it might happen. Stay tuned. Anyhow… Unless I’m mistaken, I haven’t posted a puzzle of this type […]
Super Samurai Sudoku book, volume 3

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Harakiri Compendium (Double Samurai Sudoku Variants)

Hey folks, it’s time for new puzzle books for the summer of 2017! First up is a new volume of Double Samurai Sudoku Harakiri, however, this time, it’s a COMPENDIUM, which means it contains variants of the Gattai-8 overlapping sudoku samurai puzzles. So, in this book there 30 classic Harakiri Sudoku puzzles, 10 Diagonal Harakiri […]
Super Sudoku Quad Samurai Puzzle Book with Variants

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Severe server downtime and a free puzzle

This website has been down for nearly 3 weeks. It was an unfortunate mix of extraordinary circumstances, including me being AFK and the provider changing things without notifying me at the same time. Anyway, that’s behind us, everything should be back to normal and in order to celebrate this occasion, I am uploading a new […]
Big book of big Trigons triangular sudoku trianglons puzzles

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Wendy’s puzzle (triple loco sudoku)

Here we go! It’s been a while since I last posted a free sample puzzle and thanks to Wendy, one of the regular visitors to this website, I am posting a puzzle which I think she’ll like. 🙂 She sent an email saying that in the new volume of the Loco Sudoku book, she preferred […]
Multi Sudoku LOCO Sudoku, volume 2

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