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A few words about “Perfection”

Ever since I started posting “Killer” Sudokus I was unhappy for one reason: the puzzles posted did not meet one criteria that I was hoping they would fulfill – they were not perfect. Yes, I admit that. You might wonder why I say that. Two reasons: 1) September 27 puzzle. It required trial and error. A terrible imperfection. Pretty much unsolvable by a human. Ok, a few guys managed to solve it with limited trial and error – but it’s still trial and error. And that’s not pure. 2) Singleton cages. Occassionally a puzzle that I posted would have a cage consisting of one cell only. So it was somewhere in between a classic Sudoku and a Killer. I don’t like being in between. Therefore, such puzzles were also imperfect. I’m glad to announce that I’ve rectified both problems. My generator now does make PERFECT Killer Sudokus only. You won’t see singleton cages anymore. And you won’t ever need to “bifurcate” when solving puzzles posted on this site. Of course, the Killer Sudoku solver can still cope with both beasts – if a puzzle has a solution that can be found only by trial&error – it will find it. It won’t mind singleton cells either. I know that I’ve been saying that the new version of Perfect Sudoku will be available “soon”. I hope you now understand why it’s been delayed – I was working on my generator which is the most important part of my program.
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  1. frank
    Posted October 21, 2005 at 12:08 pm | Permalink

    So, “Friday at the latest” is not true anymore!? 🙁 What a pity! Anyway, we’ll keep on waiting 🙂

  2. Roger
    Posted October 21, 2005 at 5:34 pm | Permalink

    at last but how do we download the beast?

    I’m going on holiday this weekend and would like to print out a few killers to take with me just so I can keep my hand in

    Thanks in anticipation

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