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Killer Sudoku and variants thereof, including Zero Killer, Killer Samurai Sudoku, Killer Flower Sudoku and more. Solving techniques for Killer Sudoku also explained here. Killer Sudoku books.

Free puzzle: Non-Consecutive Killer Samurai Sudoku + a new book

Last time I posted a free puzzle on this website was… I don’t know when. It’s one of the things that I intend to do more in the future – posting new puzzles at least once a week, just like back in the good old times. Before I show you the new puzzle, I’d first […]
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Clueless LOCO Sudoku

Here is a new puzzle I think you’ll like. It’s another LOCO Sudoku puzzle, however, it is not in Samurai format, but for the first time, it is in Clueless Sudoku format instead. Before you try solving this puzzle, please become familiar with the Clueless Sudoku puzzles and with the Loco Sudoku puzzles, too. Just […]
Clueless Sudoku book

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Are you ready for a SERIOUS puzzle challenge? 🙂 These puzzles have been around for a while and they somewhat resemble Tridoku, both in their appearance and in their name. However, trigons are completely different. These puzzles with lots of triangles are called Trigons and they are not Sudoku. Sometimes they are also referred to […]
Big book of big Trigons triangular sudoku trianglons puzzles

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Zer0 Killer Sudoku

Ok, I know you prefer Killer Sudokus, but I have to introduce new puzzles every once in a while. So, don’t be mad at me, there is something for everyone on this site! This time it’s a Killer. And it’s a Zer0. See the 0 in Zer0? It means it’s not a regular Zero Killer […]
Zero Killer Sudoku, volume 2

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Outside Sudoku and Frame Sudoku

Yesterday I sent out a newsletter announcing two new sudoku books I just published. In case you missed it, here it is again. First book is a new volume of Outside Sudoku and its variants! Yes, 4 years after volume 1, I’ve decided to publish another one. The content is more or less the same, […]
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Loco Sudoku

Are you ready for this!? 🙂 After my first Multi Sudoku, here is another one… this time I labeled it “Loco Sudoku”, because, really, it is MAD! 🙂 Just as in the first Multi puzzle I posted, this is a Sudoku Samurai variation, where each constituent overlapping sub puzzle has different rules. This time they […]
Multi Sudoku Samurai Loco Sudoku book

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Frame Sudoku

A novelty for this site – Sum Frame Sudoku! 🙂 No, it’s not an Outside Sudoku. It’s more of a Killer Sudoku Variant: the numbers outside the grid tell you the sum of the 3 numbers closest to it. So, yes, in a way it is also similar to Outside Sudoku, but here you do […]
Loco Sudoku Puzzle Book Cuckoo Wacky Quirky

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