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Sound Charades

A new brain teaser posted by Count Duko in the forum. Feel free to participate in solving this one by following this thread. Sound Charades is a game played on BBC Radio 4’s “I’m Sorry I haven’t a clue” in which the panelists perform “mimes” in the form of a verbal sketch which describes a film, TV show, book or song. The ones here are all films or (British) TV shows, and most of them are pretty groanworthy Very Happy 1. TV, 1 WORD: “Have you seen Dracula lately?” “I think he’s suffering from depression. All he does is mope around in his crypt”. 2. FILM, 1 WORD: “Hi Dave, sorry, Davina, how was your operation?” “Fine, how about yours Brian?” “A complete success, you can call me Penelope now”. 3. TV, 3 WORDS: “Good evening, and welcome to the programme. Today our reporters will be visiting Italy and not eating any nice pasta dishes. In the studio we’ll be looking longingly at some spicy Thai food, and we’ll also have a round up of different ways to get maximum enjoyment from a glass of water.” 4. FILM, 1 WORD: Look! There’s an opposite divided by a hypotenuse! Oooh! There’s another one! 5. TV, 6 WORDS: Listen up, children – this is your Careers Officer. Today we’re going to learn about jobs in the fashion industry. Each of you must choose a “job for the day” in this field. Which of you would like to take the role of a fashion photographer? Thankyou. Now, hatmaking…”
6. TV, 2 WORDS: “When did you see the accused leave the nightclub?” “” “Was he acting in a violent manner?” “” “Can you describe his tattoo?” “” “Thank you, that will be all” 7. TV, 1 WORD: “Would you like Assam, Darjeeling or Earl Grey?” “Whatever you’re having, I’m easy” 8. FILM, 2 WORDS: Welcome to today’s music class. In order to understand what makes a good piece of music, you need to realise what makes a bad piece of music. First, classical. Tomkinson, I want you to compose a rotten symphony, and make it snappy. Next dance music. Jenkins, you must create an awful rap, and do it immediately. And finally, Rogers. You get Caribbean music. I want you to perform… 9. TV, 2 WORDS: Sharon and Tracy were both getting married on the same afternoon at Basildon Register Office. Their weddings were running a bit late so they were both hanging around in the waiting area. Suddenly Sharon saw the most handsome man she had ever seen standing before her in his top hat and shell suit, and she instantly fell in love. Realising he was actually Tracy’s fiancé she looked round quickly to see if she was spotted. To her amazement she saw Tracy lovingly sharing a kebab with *her* fiancé! 10. FILM, 3 WORDS: We had a marvellous day out in Teletubbyland. We got excellent front views of Dipsy and TinkyWinky, and a stunning rear shot of LaLa. But the most exciting part was our mighty quest to get a look at the other one, we couldn’t see him from the front or the rear, only at ninety degrees!
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