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How To Solve Picross (advanced)

It’s strange that I have never posted any solving techniques for Picross-Hanjie-Griddlers-Nonograms puzzles. I’ve explained some of them in my picross books, but never here on the website. So, that’s about to change and I’m immediately starting with an advanced solving technique, which I call “bordering“. Consider this example (it’s a part of a griddlers […]
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Puppy Diary and a New Puzzle :)

Here we go… this post is as personal as they get. There is a home video of me in it. And my puppy. And an Instagram post. And a free puzzle. I think I got your attention. Good. If you are wondering why this personal post all of a sudden, you haven’t subscribed to my […]
Super Sudoku Quad Samurai Puzzle Book with Variants

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When is Cheryl’s birthday?

It’s been more than two years since I made a post tagged “brain teaser“. In the last few days I’ve seen a couple of interesting brain teasers which went viral on the internet, so it enticed me to posting one of them. It’s called When is Cheryl’s birthday? and it’s from some test. It is […]
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Frame Jigsaw Sudoku

Here is another Frame Sudoku Sums puzzle, this time in Jigsaw Sudoku format! So, two distinct sudoku variants merged into one puzzle. Hard to find anywhere else but here, folks! 🙂 Let’s quickly recap the rules: the numbers outside of the grid tell you the sum of the 3 numbers closest to it. In a […]
Jigsaw Sudoku Puzzle Book

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Lateral Thinking

I just came across this brainy joke and thought why not share it with you. It’s a nice example of lateral thinking. 🙂 Three logicians walk into a bar. The bartender asks “Do all of you want a drink?” The first logician says “I don’t know.” The second logician says “I don’t know.” The third […]
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Random puzzles

Here are some randomly selected puzzles from all the puzzles I ever published here since 2005. You can also find them by browsing the Free Puzzles category. If you are on Facebook, please first click the “Like” button. You sharing my puzzles means a lot to me, because new visitors come and discover my puzzles. […]
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Where are the daily puzzles gone?

Dear all, First I must apologize for keeping you in the dark regarding what’s going on with the daily puzzles. The truth is that I’ve been working hard on my PhD thesis and just had no time to update the daily and weekly puzzles pages. Now… the daily Killer Sudoku, the daily Sudoku variants and […]
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The rules of Futoshiki are very simple: 1. The grid is square and can be of any size. Use numbers 1 to the size of the grid to solve the puzzle. 2. Numbers cannot be repeated in a row or column. All numbers must appear in each row and in each column. 3. The “more […]
Futoshiki plus gifts

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Pirates’ Games

This is not a puzzle related post. 🙂 It’s a brain teaser (I used to post brain teasers years ago). I’ve been studying game theory lately and wanted to share one “classic” problem of this discipline with you. See if you can solve it by yourself. Post your solution as comments below this post. So… […]
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Optical illusion: A girl in inverted colors

This is not a sudoku puzzle. 🙂 It’s an optical illusion. I think it’s nice to take a break every once in a while and do something different. So… in this optical illusion we have an image of a girl with inverted colors (a “negative” image). What you need to do to make this optical […]
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