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When is Cheryl’s birthday?

It’s been more than two years since I made a post tagged “brain teaser“. In the last few days I’ve seen a couple of interesting brain teasers which went viral on the internet, so it enticed me to posting one of them. It’s called When is Cheryl’s birthday? and it’s from some test. It is […]
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Pirates’ Games

This is not a puzzle related post. 🙂 It’s a brain teaser (I used to post brain teasers years ago). I’ve been studying game theory lately and wanted to share one “classic” problem of this discipline with you. See if you can solve it by yourself. Post your solution as comments below this post. So… […]
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Look carefully before you answer this one!

Udosuk posted a new problem in the “Brain Teasers” forum. It hasn’t been answered yet! 34 32 36 46 64 75 50 35 34 16 18 14 22 ?? 40 35 15 20 12 ?? is a 2-digit number. What is it? The answer is NOT the one that first crosses your mind. Can you […]
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Prisoners on death row in a row riddle

This is off-topic, but since many people have shown interest for brain teasers in the forum, I decided to create a category here and start posting them. So, thanks to Shai, here is the first riddle in this category: OK guyz, here’s another one: 50 prisoners on death row are scheduled to be executed tomorrow. […]
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