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Flower Sudoku: 5 in 1 Sudoku puzzles in different flavors – “Still my favorite sudoku variant!”

A new review of Flower Sudoku: 5 in 1 Sudoku puzzles book has been posted on Amazon. It’s a short, 5/5 stars review. Interestingly enough, so far there have been 4 reviews of this book – and all reviews of Flower Sudoku book are 5/5 stars!
As always, djape’s puzzles are fantastic and range from quick to downright difficult. Flower sudokus are my favorite sudoku flavor, and this book is perfect for them!
Flower Sudoku, Gattai 5 in 1 Su Doku

This book should be interesting to all of you who also like Samurai Sodoku puzzles: Flower Sudokus are also Gattai-5 (5 in 1 overlapping Sudoku), just like Samurais, the only difference being that the 5 constituent puzzles overlap much more than in Samurai puzzles: in fact, the center sub-puzzle is completely covered by the other 4 overlapping sudokus. Further, in this book you will not only find the classic Flower Suduko puzzles. There are additional 6 variants of Flowers: diagonal, odd/even, consecutive, non-consecutive, greater/less than and killer flower sudoku. So… the Flower Sudoku book is not for the fainthearted; it’s for a true puzzle connaisseur. It’s certainly also a nice change for those who enjoy Samurai Sudokus – it’s similar but not quite the same. Give it a try!
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