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Sudoku books and other logic puzzle books by Djape

Zero Trigons

Hi folks, it’s been a while! What can I say? I’ll try to be more regular with new puzzle updates, but I can’t promise anything. New puzzle books are coming soon, so stay tuned. Meanwhile, here is a new Trigons puzzle. And it’s first of its kind – it’s a zero trigons! This means that […]
Big book of big Trigons triangular sudoku trianglons puzzles

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Flower Sudoku: 5 in 1 Sudoku puzzles in different flavors – “Still my favorite sudoku variant!”

A new review of Flower Sudoku: 5 in 1 Sudoku puzzles book has been posted on Amazon. It’s a short, 5/5 stars review. Interestingly enough, so far there have been 4 reviews of this book – and all reviews of Flower Sudoku book are 5/5 stars! As always, djape’s puzzles are fantastic and range from […]
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My puzzles in Washington DC and New York City

This is just a reminder that tomorrow, on Sunday, February 28, 2010, my Samurai Sudoku puzzles will restart in the Comics section of The Washington Post. Also, I am pleased to announce that I’ve made a deal with Kinokuniya bookstore from New York City. They will offer for sale all of my books, all 28 […]
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The Washington Post restarts with my Samurai Sudokus!

Good news folks! 🙂 The Washington Post have decided to restart printing my Samurai Sudoku puzzles in their Comics section of the Sunday issue… thanks to YOU! Apparently the readers have been clamoring for the return of Samurais and the editors had no other choice but to change their minds only a month after they […]
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Perfect Sudoku puzzles in Norway!

It is with great pleasure that I announce that my puzzles will now be published in Norway too! A weekly magazine called Ukeavisen Ledelse will start publishing my puzzles this Friday, October 12, 2007. They will print a variety of my puzzles, including vanilla Sudoku, Sudoku X and Jigsaw Sudoku.
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Hanjie book released in Denmark

Hanjie puzzles are spreading around the world. Forlaget SuDoku, a publisher from Denmark has released a Hanjie book in which I am a co-author along with Svend Høgh. The book contains 126 Hanjie puzzles. It is published in Denmark only.
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Computer-generated Hanjie puzzle

I have just implemented a random Hanjie puzzle generator. It generates valid Hanjie (griddlers, pic-a-pix) puzzles but with random patterns – there is no pretty picture in the end! So, if you just like solving Hanjies and don’t care about the picture that you get in the end, this one is for you! If you […]
Big Picross Hanjie Griddlers Nonograms Oekaki Japanese Picture puzzles book

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More Perfect Sudoku in Switzerland!

I am very pleased to make these two announcements – both are related to publications in Switzerland only: 1. A book by Thierry Godel (published by Favre) has come out. It is called “L’essentiel du Sudoku” and it contains various Sudoku puzzles created, naturally, by Perfect Sudoku. Thierry is THE Sudoku man in Switzerland. I […]
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Advanced Sudoku and Kakuro

Since my Sudoku K book is still a few months away, it is time to introduce another book with my Killer Sudoku and Samurai Sudoku puzzles and puzzles from other puzzle creators. The book I’m talking about is called “Teach Yourself: Advanced Sudoku and Kakuro” by Nick ‘Afka’ Thomas. A few words about the author […]
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Killer Sudoku and Killer Samurai in France

Multimediapress from France have started publishing our puzzles in their monthly magazines. To the best of my knowledge (please correct me if I’m wrong), they are the first in the world to publish Killer Samurai puzzles in press. I wish them good luck and I expect more visitors from France to our site. 🙂 This […]
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