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Sudoku books and other logic puzzle books by Djape

New Outside Sudoku Book + Free Puzzle

Hi folks, I’m in a bit of a rush (as always), so I’m going to keep this one very short. Just wanted to say – it’s still not too late to shop for Christmas gifts! Anyhow… A new book with more than 400 Outside Sudoku puzzles is fresh off the press! Contents: Outside Sudoku Book […]
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Free puzzle: Non-Consecutive Killer Samurai Sudoku + a new book

Last time I posted a free puzzle on this website was… I don’t know when. It’s one of the things that I intend to do more in the future – posting new puzzles at least once a week, just like back in the good old times. Before I show you the new puzzle, I’d first […]
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Harakiri Compendium (Double Samurai Sudoku Variants)

Hey folks, it’s time for new puzzle books for the summer of 2017! First up is a new volume of Double Samurai Sudoku Harakiri, however, this time, it’s a COMPENDIUM, which means it contains variants of the Gattai-8 overlapping sudoku samurai puzzles. So, in this book there 30 classic Harakiri Sudoku puzzles, 10 Diagonal Harakiri […]
Super Samurai Sudoku Sumo Sudoku book, vol 2

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Zero Trigons

Hi folks, it’s been a while! What can I say? I’ll try to be more regular with new puzzle updates, but I can’t promise anything. New puzzle books are coming soon, so stay tuned. Meanwhile, here is a new Trigons puzzle. And it’s first of its kind – it’s a zero trigons! This means that […]
Big book of big Trigons triangular sudoku trianglons puzzles

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Outside Sudoku and Frame Sudoku

Yesterday I sent out a newsletter announcing two new sudoku books I just published. In case you missed it, here it is again. First book is a new volume of Outside Sudoku and its variants! Yes, 4 years after volume 1, I’ve decided to publish another one. The content is more or less the same, […]
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Flower Sudoku: 5 in 1 Sudoku puzzles in different flavors – “Still my favorite sudoku variant!”

A new review of Flower Sudoku: 5 in 1 Sudoku puzzles book has been posted on Amazon. It’s a short, 5/5 stars review. Interestingly enough, so far there have been 4 reviews of this book – and all reviews of Flower Sudoku book are 5/5 stars! As always, djape’s puzzles are fantastic and range from […]
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My puzzles in Washington DC and New York City

This is just a reminder that tomorrow, on Sunday, February 28, 2010, my Samurai Sudoku puzzles will restart in the Comics section of The Washington Post. Also, I am pleased to announce that I’ve made a deal with Kinokuniya bookstore from New York City. They will offer for sale all of my books, all 28 […]
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