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Non Consecutive Sudoku Samurai

All those of you who are wondering where the weekly Samurai Sudoku puzzles are, well, first, please read this post. Then, get ready to be happy. 🙂 Here is today’s special puzzle: Non Consecutive Samurai Sudoku! Although it looks like your ordinary 5 in 1 Sudoku gattai overlapping Samurai puzzle, there is one additional rule […]
Non Consecutive Sudoku book, volume 2

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Weekly Kakuro (Cross Sums) #4 – (special!)

Ok, after all Sudoku variations that I have produced, here is my first Kakuro variation. It’s a NON-CONSECUTIVE Kakuro! Rules: Solve the puzzle so that the numbers in every horizontal and vertical region add up to the sum indicated for that region. Numbers CAN NOT be repeated in any region. IMPORTANT: In this particular puzzle, […]
Medium Hard Kakuro Puzzles Book

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