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Sudoku Straights – a hybrid between Poker and Sudoku – puzzle game for Kindle

During the summer I’ve prepared more Kindle games for you. First up is Sudoku Straights – Poker Sudoku – a game for Amazon Kindle, new Kindle, Kindle Touch etc This collection of puzzles was previously released as a paperback book, but now it is also available on all e-ink Kindle devices. It’s a fully featured […]
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Jigsaw TriDoku

Sudoku Variants are back! Also, as a special gift and to make it up to you, I have prepared a brand new variant – Jigsaw TriDoku. I think the puzzle is self-explanatory. It is a hybrid between Jigsaw Sudoku and TriDoku. Make sure to use the hexagon rule which can be found in the TriDoku […]
Jigsaw Sudoku Puzzle Book

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Saturday Special: Anti-King Anti-Knight Killer Sudoku

Anti-Chess Killer Sudoku contains a few hybrids, which combine multiple anti-chess variants. Here is a sample that is both Anti-King and Anti-Knight, meaning no two cells one king’s move OR one knight’s move away from each other can have the same value. MEDIUM Version INSANE Version The answer to both versions is the same and […]
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Daily Kendoku (CanCan, SquareWisdom) #3

Some may not like the fact that today’s puzzle isn’t actually a SquareWisdom puzzle, instead, it’s actually a true hybrid between Killer Sudoku and Kendoku. Having implemented Kendoku puzzles into my solver&generator program, it was a no brainer to extend it a little further and allow all four operators for my Killer Sudoku puzzles. And […]
Little CalcuDoku book 150 puzzles

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Non-Consecutive and Killer Sudoku hybrid puzzle

Here is another unique puzzle – Non-Consecutive Killer Sudoku. If you ignore the non-consecutive rule, this puzzle has many solution. So, you must be careful not to place any two consecutive numbers next to each other! Then, the puzzle has a unique solution. Click on the puzzle thumbnail to access the puzzle. Enjoy!
Fiendish Killer Sudoku Book

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Weekend Special – Odd/Even and Killer Sudoku hybrid puzzle

Here is something brand new – an Odd/Even Killer Sudoku puzzle. If you ignore the odd/even part, this puzzle has many solution. So, you must use the grey cells (and not only those in your head) in order to solve this one. Important: Cells with shaded background must contain ODD numbers, other cells must hold […]
Fiendish Killer Sudoku Book

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A Hanjie-Sudoku hybrid puzzle!

Here is another very special puzzle – it’s an odd/even Sudoku puzzle but it also has clues on top and on the side, just the same as in Hanjie puzzles. This puzzle was provided by Clagu, our regular visitor from Korea. Thank you Clagu, it seems like a nice idea! Here are the rules: Hanjie […]
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